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About JSX
Early versions of JSX produced many bug reports, and fixing these bugs increased our understanding of exactly what problem JSX was solving, and how it needed to work to do that. We then used this hard-won knowledge to formulate and test several prototype architectures to implement it, and two complete rewrites of JSX itself, to finally arrive at a product that is near perfect for its task - as we now receive very few bug reports, and these are due to new ways of using JSX, rather than problems with JSX itself.

Bug reporting
We fix bugs fastest if you provide:
   - stack trace
   - XML
Code to reproduce it
   - source code of your class that JSX has problems serializing/deserializing
   - your code that calls JSX (if it's relevant)
   - version of JSX
   - version of Java
   - version of Windows (or version of *nix or of other OS)
Please send as email attachments, to avoid extra line-breaks in email text.