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ClearSight Networks (Silicon Valley)
Daimler (Germany)
Lockheed Martin (MD, USA)
Raytheon Company (MA, USA)
Ericsson TEMS AB (Sweden)
Philips Medical Systems (the Netherlands)
Siemens AG (Germany)
FedEx Kinko (TX, USA)
SDC Udvikling A/S
SBC Services Inc.
RBC Dominion Securities Inc
Sakonnet Technology
Wellington Management
Centro de Desarrollo de Gestion Empresarial
Lincoln Technologies, Inc.
SmartCompany, Inc.
The Motorists Insurance Company
J.F. Ahern Co.
SDC Udvikling A/S
Secure Elements, Inc.
q-bus Mediatektur GmbH
R&A 2002 Inc.
SBC Services Inc.
MOD (Integration Authority)
Topdanmark Forsikring A/S
Expeditors International of Washington Inc.
Southwest Research Institute DIV10
Thales Communications AS
First Command Financial
NEXVU Technologies
IZA Nederland
RBC Dominion Securities Inc
TeraMEDICA, Inc. (Wisconsin, USA): Online transaction persistence, for complex and evolving objects: case study.
Pason Systems Inc (mining) (Canada): replacement for Java's binary serialization
Auric Hydrates (mining) (UK): refactor and migrate data to new application version
Philips Medical Systems (medical) (Germany): long term persistence, i.e. configuration parameters, customization etc. in medical systems
AppDancer Networks, Inc (IT) (Georgia, USA): save all Serializable objects to XML files
Frog Navigation Systems B.V. (transport) (The Netherlands): update customer configuration data for new software releases
Hi-Q Systems (military) (UK): migrate config objects to new releases
Information Balance Europe (automation) (Hungary): migrate proprietary binary files to new releases
Simulutions (mining) (Canada): long term persistence
Polivec (finance) (Colorado, USA): human readable and verifiable financial data
Webtek Software (finance) (India): human readable financial data
DSI: Document Systems Inc (finance) (California, USA): accessible, editable and verifiable mortgage data
Harland Financial Solutions (finance) (Colorado, USA): distributing updates to compliant documents
DTS Medien GmbH (management) (Germany): integrating business processes (english translation)
Necsom (web) (Finland): inter-module messaging
Omniviz (data mining) (Massachusetts, USA): Serialization protocol for SOAP (client-server)