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Telegraphic Transfer ("wiring" the funds)
We accept payment by "wiring" the funds (also known as a Telegraphic Transfer, International Money Transfer and an "inter-bank transfer" - ask your bank for details). Please email for details
(include "JSX" in the subject for our spam filter).

Daimler, Raytheon and Ericsson are among our customers

You only need one of the following kinds of licenses, depending on whether you distribute copies of your app (Distribution); it runs on a server (Server); or is used on the desktop/standalone (Standalone).
Royalty-Free Distribution, one developer seat $1,495.00
Server, one server $1,495.00
Standalone, one workstation $245.00
All future versions/upgrades for a year + priority support 20% pa

We've just overhauled our pricing - if anything needs fixing or improving, please let us know: (put "JSX" in the subject).

Royalty-Free Distribution
If you distribute your app, you only need this license. A distribution license is required where an application is distributed to an unlimited number of customers and machines, also known as an OEM license. A license is needed for each developer who uses JSX. The payment is one lump-sum, with no royalty per copy.

If your app runs on a server, you only need this license. A server license is required if an application that uses JSX runs on a server. A "server" is any computer which more than one person can simultaneously use, either by direct or remote access. For example, web servers and application servers.

If yours is a desktop app, and isn't distributed and doesn't run on a server, then you only need this license. The standalone license is for use on a desktop, workstation or standalone computer which is only used by one person at a time (that is, it is not a server). A standalone license is needed for each computer where an application using JSX will be installed.

License terms
Please forward the full license terms to your legal department or advisor:
download JSX license terms (printable and saveable pdf)