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There are as many uses for JSX as there is for data that has to be stored, exchanged or processed - but here are a few specific ones.

1. XML Messaging
Data can be sent as a SOAP "document-style" XML message that can be processed at a different location. The XML can be massaged for re-purposing, and is easily debugged beceause it is human readable.

2. Data migration to new application versions (evolution)
Data that has been persisted as XML can be updated by manipulating it with standard tools like XSLT. For example, fieldnames and classnames can be changed quite easily. Automatic translation between data and XML is the key, which makes JSX ideal for this task.

3. Non-intrusive XML databinding
XML databinding is the exchange of data between Java objects and user-defined XML documents. It is often used to integrate different systems using a specific XML vocabulary. Although JSX alone uses its own XML definition (not user-defined), an approach is to use XSLT to transform between JSX's XML and user-defined XML