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About us
The mission of JSX Enterprises is to increase productivity and agility of Java developers by creating products that automate the development tasks that can be automated - ultimately to be absorbed into the programming language. We do this by focusing on our core competency of externalizing object data and separating this crucial step from persisting, messaging and processing data.

JSX is systems software, and like many such projects, has its roots in academic research. The first prototype was created at Monash University and was released on 10 October 2000 (US time). It was developed with the ideals of frequent releases, fast bug fixes and close consultation with users. Wrox Press picked it up for "Professional Java XML" (published in April 2001), and JSX became a profitable product in early 2002.

After many sales, over 2,000 mailing list posts and currently 69,977 unique website hits, JSX Enterprises is well placed to lead the emerging market for 100% transparent XML messaging and persistence.